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Bethlehem the beginning
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The Authors Bethlehem the Beginning, was written by Margo Armstrong and her son, Alan, in 2001 with the accompanying Full Cast Audio CD completed in 2003. After repeated attempts to find a book publisher proved unsuccessful, it was decided that the story was adaptable to the stage and that a musical production would be the first presentation of the story to the public. Since then, this witty musical Christmas story has been played locally at theaters and churches and has been featured as the first hour of Christmas music on a Tampa Bay radio station.

Margo was a prolific songwriter who amazed us all with her ability to capture the essence of a person or event with her original lyrics and sweet melodies. This Christmas story about the birth of Jesus originated from the story's theme song called "The Oft Told Story", one of the many Christmas songs Margo created each year as a family tradition. Alan, also a talented songwriter, added several songs to the score and crafted the story by weaving both the original songs and traditional Christmas Carols into the story line. Margo passed in 2007 leaving a rich legacy of music along with her guiding spirit for the world to enjoy.

Alan Armstrong continues to write and record new music with intentions of eventually producing the animated film version of "Bethlehem the Beginning". With the invention of the iPad, the ability to combine music and audio with a full-color illustrated ebook, made an iPad app the perfect vehicle to present this Bible story. The full musical soundtrack will be available in the iTunes store and free ringtone & wallpaper downloads will be available on the website.

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The Bethlehem the Beginning Animated Film LLC is created.

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