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Bethlehem the beginning
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Bettima in Action

Bettima: Bettima Barley Marina

Bettima's name originated due to her families love of all grains and their exhausting appetite. As a Persian dromedary from the countryside outside of Pericles, she always longed for the glitz and glamour of the far-east. Her dream came true when she was chosen as one of the original step dancing camels in the Kasbah Review. (The date of which she refuses to reveal.) Prior to her coming out performance in the Kasbah Review she played many gigs along the spice route from Cathay to Kergistan and even entertained royalty on more than one occasion. Her charm, wit and plain moxy took her far and on one of these royal entertaining events the camel driver for a king from Masada purchased her in hopes his too often over serious master might find her dancing and singing performances a much needed diversion. After 2 years in the employ of this King, she adopted an air of importance and conveniently the title of princess which she was referred to repeatedly during an evening of debauchery and heavy consumption of fermented goats milk by her camel driving owner. She took to court life like a camel to a dung....well you know.

Now billed as Princess Bettima Marina Masada, she travels only in the lap of luxury as the lead caravan camel wherever she goes even if the journey is less than 2 KM away. Her adopted accent, head cheese attitude, less than competent navigational skills and creative skill in rearranging facts and fiction have served her remarkably well so far.

She is currently leading a small caravan to an undisclosed location by following a speeding star due east. Her owner, a tribal King from Masada is equally uncertain where the star is leading them but is convinced it will lead to the much prophesized messiah who is sure to make his appearance on this trip.

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