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Bethlehem the beginning
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Grandpa in Action

Grandpa Sheep: Sol

Sol is a self taught scholar and self proclaimed theologian. As the eldest of the flock, he tries to wield his position of authority constantly with Sabbath services no one listens to and family history classes that all of the little lambs are required to attend.

He loves history. That is his-story of how his family fled Egypt with Moses and how he barely survived the great ordeal. He was separated from his family in Gallilee when his previous owner lost his herd in a dice game and the new owner sold off half the herd to buy spices and a new wife. Grandpa was sold to Jeremiahs brother along with several of his wives and their children. He and his wives were split up when he and Ewelyn were given to Jeremiah to watch over. Sol is getting on in years and no one pays him much attention or respect these days. He is a bit forgetful and is constantly losing things. Ewelyn patiently puts up with his ranting and scriptural recitations because she knows he is very lonely now without his family and is actually quite harmless.

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