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Bethlehem the beginning
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Jasmina in Action

Jasmina: Jasmina Cantina Mobuti

An ex-paramilitary fighter in the Persian Mesopotamian conflict, Jasmina became famous along the trade routes all across lower Lombaristan as a long spitter and weight lifter. She traveled the continent spitting and lifting her way into fame and fortune only to be captured by slavers and sold to a wine merchant in Berpistan. After putting up with her foul mouth and bad attitude for a year he traded her for 2 milk goats and a bundle of licorice sticks. Her new owner was a kind but near deaf goat herder in Port Makemeanoffer who found her large humps perfect for carrying supplies and the occasional drunk brother in law. Now coming from a long line of Jaissimeri camels she could trace her origins as far back as the Medianite, Amelikite, Stalagtite and other ite tribes too numerous to mention. Fierce, strong and unpleasantly aromatic she developed a belligerent attitude over the years and now that she was past her prime, she had no time or patience for what she believed were stupid caravan guides and fancy boys. Now in the employ of the Magi Peropolis, she finally found a comfortable rhythm to her life until she found herself on this stupid excursion eastward with a ditzy redhead and bossy blonde pair of bimbos. One more comment from either of them and she promised herself that she would stick her Aroma Therapy applicator up a nostril.

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Video: On The Road To Bethlehem

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The Bethlehem the Beginning Animated Film LLC is created.

Alan Armstrong is approached by animation studio for rights.

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