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Bethlehem the beginning
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Miles in Action

Mr. Mouse: Miles (Nickname)

Miles was born in Nazareth the oldest of 10. He left home at the age of 5 and worked his way across Judea as a shoe shine boy and later as a prestidigitator or slight of hand artist. Sometimes also known as a pick pocket. By the time he was 10, he had built up a network of PP's or as he liked to call them the Professional Purveyors of Private Possessions from Galilee to Egypt. He never married but his offspring were scattered like the 4 winds from one end of Judea to the other. In 2 BC he moved his operations to Bethlehem due to the increased trade and prosperity of the region and set up a shoe shine and button stand next to The Doo Drop Inn. The stand was his base of operations location where all of his associates came for contacts and new recruits for training. Settling into the inn's stable as his residence, he naturally took over the management of the stable as a course of normal business and proclaimed himself as the STABLE MANAGER.

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The Bethlehem the Beginning Animated Film LLC is created.

Alan Armstrong is approached by animation studio for rights.

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