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Bethlehem the beginning
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Shepherd Boy
Shepherd Boy in Action

The Shepherd Boy: Jeremiah

Jeremiah is the 11 year old second son of the second son of Ezekiel of Arimathea. As the youngest, he was placed in charge of the family sheep at age 9. Gifted with the unnatural ability to communicate with animals, a gift his older brother labels as baloney, he seems to understand intuitively the thoughts and feelings of his entire herd.

A gifted musician who plays and sings his animals to sleep each night, Jeremiah is insightful, courageous and his dedication to his flock is admired by his father through his ability to lead them out of harm's way and keep them safe.

Audio Sample:

Hark the Herald Angels Sing Hark the Herald Angels Sing
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The Bethlehem the Beginning Animated Film LLC is created.

Alan Armstrong is approached by animation studio for rights.

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