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The Doves
The Doves in Action

The Doves: Moishe and Flo

Moishe and Flo have been perched in the rafters of the Do Drop Inn for more than a decade, which makes them ancient in bird years.

This pair of turtledoves believes they know what's best for all concerned including the self proclaimed stable manager Mr. Mouse. They were the first to refer to Mr. Mouse as, That Little Rat. The name quickly caught on with the rest of the stable animals, much to Mr. Mouse's dismay.

Flo is a serious card player who can't help but look at other's player's hands when she pauses to "stretch her wings and has been barred from stable card games throughout Judea and Samaria. Moishe loves to add his wavy tenor tweet stylings to the local chorus that gathers nightly on the rooftop 2 stables down. He gets thrown out for singing too loud and out of tune, on average around twice a month, but it should be more often according to the other singers.

Audio Sample:

Silent Night Silent Night
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