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Bethlehem the beginning
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Ewelyn in Action

The Ewe: Ewelyn

Ewelyn is a very loving mother and a mature female sheep who has become Max's third and last mate. She came from Galilee 3 years BC with Max and they have a little lamb together called Louisa who is only 6 months old. Ewelyn comes from a family of 3 other sisters and 2 brothers. She was part of an arrangement between Jeremiah the shepherd boy's father and his uncle who lives in Galilee. She and 6 other sheep were exchanged for 7 large vats of olive oil. Max and Ewelyn met in Gallilee when Max was separated from his two other wives who were sold to a farmer in Jeruselem and he became part of the exchange with Jeremiah. In Gallilee, Ewelyns mother was the matriarch of the family herd and she taught Ewelyn all about the stars (astrology) and the healing arts of herbology. Ewelyn loves to sing and often sings lullabys to Louisa at night.

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