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Bethlehem the beginning
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Maximillian in Action

The Ram: Maximillian

Max the oldest male and most decorated sheep in the flock came from Gallilee with Ewelyn and 4 other sheep. He left many sons and daughters on the family farm in Gallilee and his current mate is the youngest yet wisest of all his known wives. As the only Ram in the flock, his job is to protect the young and the females of the flock from predators and scoundrels. He has massive horns and is quite confident in his strength and fearlessness. He has distinguished himself many times as a breeder and herdsman. Jeremiah the shepherd has bestowed upon him medals and ribbons of honor many times for his skill in leading and protecting the flock. Max loves responsibility and enjoys the position of " Leader of the Flock". It comes with many perks of which eating first is his most favorite. He and Jeremiah the shepherd boy understand each other very well and Max will go to any length to please him. Any length.

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The Bethlehem the Beginning Animated Film LLC is created.

Alan Armstrong is approached by animation studio for rights.

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