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Bethlehem the beginning
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May 9, 2013


A fresh new innovative Christmas story.

“Bethlehem….the beginning” is not a typical faith based story. It certainly tells about all of the events surrounding the birth of the baby Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem, but it is a unique MUSICAL interpretation of the insights and emotional reactions of the animals as they witnessed the event.

This musical story portrays the denial and resistance to such a monumental change in thinking against the unconditional loving acceptances of the wonder, innocence and possibilities brought by the birth of the baby called Jesus.

With the help of a trio of wacko camels, sweet sheep and a mean stable manager Mr. Mouse, we intend to reenergize the Christian community with this animated musical film that will cross over all ideological lines and endear the hearts and minds of all Christian and possibly non-Christian faiths to the real meaning of Christmas.

2010, an App of the story was created for the iPad, iPhone and iPod. The App has lots of hidden surprises throughout the 90 pages of dialogue and music and children love to interact with the app in that way. There is also a “ read to me” option which is narrated by Alan Armstrong the co-author.

We believe the time is perfect to turn this App into an animated film. What story would you like your children to request year after year, another remake of Dickens scrooge or the 4th Santa sequel?

What better way to re-instill the message of Christmas into our extremely secular society, than with a cast of lovable animals who sing and dance their way into our hearts.


The initial money raised on this crowd funding site will enable us to contract an Academy Nominated Screenplay writer who will help us polish the original screenplay, set up the film LLC, and produce the collateral material needed to attract the larger equity investment capital required to fund the animated film production.

There is an investor proposal with proper spread sheets and ROI projections for anyone interested in making a serious equity investment. This is available upon request.

This animated film with its endearing cast of characters, will place the Nativity Story center stage in the minds of small children and their parents. It’s more secular in overly religious in nature which makes it more mainstream and perhaps the pervading ban on all things Christmassy will take a back seat to a funny, musical treatment of the real Christmas Story…… the birth of Christ.


This story was written by my mother Margo and me Alan Armstrong. Margo was a multi-talented person. From a promising big band singer in the 40’s which she gave up for a career as a Registered Nurse and as a hobby an incredibly prolific song writer for the remainder of her life. I am also a singer and song writer and it was my mothers unfailing encouragement that kept me on track for many years.

Mom was famous for her jingles, and specialty songs for family and friends. She was adept at creating just the right poem for a commemorative event, birthday or organization and if your event permitted, she would put the poem to music and probably sing it for you too.

In the mid 1980’s she started writing her annual Christmas songs and every year on Christmas Eve, she and I would perform her latest tune for all the gathered family and friends.

In 1999, mom was diagnosed with Emphysema and I decided that it was time to record all or some of the 15 songs she had written as a Christmas compilation. Instead, we decided to take select songs of hers and combine them with some traditional Christmas Carols to create a musical storybook about the birth of Jesus.

That little story morphed into a larger professional project and by 2003 we had recorded a full cast audio book version of the story complete with illustrations of all the characters in an accompanying song book.

The original story was titled “The Oft Told Story”.

By that time, my mother’s health was declining and I wanted to get something published or find some way of making our project more permanent. Interestingly, one of the cast members made a comment to me one day that the story would make a great stage musical.
I borrowed the money to fund the first musical production of the story in 2003 at the Palladium Theater in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida and my mother was rewarded with several standing ovations during that 2 day run and we’ve produced the musical production of the story almost every year since then.

Unfortunately, Margo passed on in 2007 but we know she understood that her songs and this clever story was well on its way to becoming a real Christmas Classic.


Here are some of the GREAT rewards we’ll be offering in exchange for your contributions. We hope you enjoy them.
  • THE APP (for iPad, iPhone)

Whatever you decide to give be it your blessing with a prayer, a like on facebook or twitter or a donation of money, it is gratefully appreciated and your love of this project will definitely be felt.

Please STAY CONNECTED; we can’t do this without you!


Alan and Margo Armstrong

Click here to be a part of the funding of this great story being brought to life in a animated film! »

Here is a song sample from the amazing soundtrack »
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