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Bethlehem the beginning
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Bethlehem the Beginning Annimated Film Capital Funding kicking off:

Bethlehem the beginning started a Crowd Funding Campaign May 8th, 2013 on Faith for the purpose of raising $25K to begin the funding of the Animated Film version of this wonderful story. All the fans of Bethlehem the Beginning will certainly want to visit this Funding website and lend their support.”

“Bethlehem the Beginning Musical Stage Production”

On November 9, 2012, Alan Armstrong met with Bob Devin Jones and Rueben Pressman to discuss and plan a creative collaboration for the Bethlehem the Beginning Touring Musical Stage Production in 2013.

Having produced the musical stage show version of Bethlehem the Beginning in various forms and venues for 7 years, Mr. Armstrong felt it was now time to bring a new fresh professional rendition of the story to life.

“Bethlehem the Beginning 2D Animated Film”

The screenplay for the 2D animated film version of Bethlehem the Beginning is currently being finalized in anticipation of funding and production in 2013. Our plans are to complete the DVD version of the film by spring of 2014 just in time for entry into all the major film festivals and a rollout for Christmas 2014.

Funding for BTB Film LLC is currently in process. Anyone interested in owning a portion of this potential Christmas Classic are asked to email Leon Fainstadt for details.

“Bethlehem the Beginning Soundtrack”

The 22 song soundtrack for the story Bethlehem the Beginning is now available on itunes and many other music download sites just in time for Christmas 2012. If you own the kindle Illustrated ebook of Bethlehem the Beginning, you can now download the music to listen to as you read the story. Of course the ipad app of the story is available with all the interactive surprises, narrative and music and can be enjoyed on your ipad, ipad mini, iphone, and ipod.
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Meet the Characters

The Bethlehem the Beginning Animated Film LLC is created.

Alan Armstrong is approached by animation studio for rights.

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